About Us

The DC Beekeepers Alliance is a 501(c)3 educational non-profit organization operating under the Center for Urban Bee Research, Inc.

We are a club with paid membership that was founded in 2012, has monthly meetings, operates access-controlled Facebook and Google Groups for membership support, and offers an extremely popular once-a-year beginner's course in cooperation with UDC-Causes.

Our members have colonies in community gardens, schools, backyards, embassies, businesses, places of worship, and an amazing variety of urban locations around DC.

Members have access to priority seating for classes, use of club equipment such as harvesters and specialized woodenware, discount purchases of honey jars, and much more. 

We reach more than a thousand DC households each year through outreach projects in schools, churches, rec centers, fairs and farmers markets, and in cooperation with other green organizations.   

Our members retrieve swarms of honey bees and advise on bee issues to DC residents. 

You can reach us at dcbees@dcbeekeepers.org or by completing the form below.


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