Donate to the DC Beekeepers Alliance

third grader learns bee anatomy

The DC Beekeepers Alliance is the local beekeeping association of Washington, DC.We are a 501(c)3 nonprofit, operating under the Center for Urban Bee Research.

We provide community and support to fellow beekeepers with free meetings, loans of equipment to members for outreach, harvesting and maintaining bee health, mentoring, and online resources.

Our members reach thousands of school children, gardeners, environmental advocates, DC visitors and ordinary neighbors through talks, projects, classroom visits, event participation, and assistance with pollinator questions and concerns.

You can help us support beekeeping, reach more kids and adults with the message that bees are critical for human and environmental health, and make DC an even greener place. Donations help us acquire, maintain and repair equipment that bees and beekeepers depend on, provide classroom materials for kids across DC, plant flowers and build pollinator nests, and participate in events like Earth Day, the DC State Fair, and the Anacostia Environmental Youth Summit.  

We are grateful to be(e) in this beautiful city, and to share our passion for pollination with you.